Mrs. Lee's Orthopedic Rehabilitation Treatment

Mrs. Lee, in her 70s, worked hard in her youth to support her family. After turning 60, she often experienced discomfort and pain in both her knees and arms. She had tried many anti-inflammatory and pain relief prescriptions from doctors, which temporarily eased the discomfort, but they failed to provide a long-term improvement.

Her friend recommended Happy Clinic, initially hoping joint injection therapy could offer a more lasting solution to her pain. However, upon detailed examination, we discovered that Mrs. Lee's condition was not just joint degeneration; her autoimmune issues also needed attention and couldn't be resolved solely through conventional injections and medication.

Our medical team developed a comprehensive treatment plan for her, addressing her autoimmune problems first before moving on to rehabilitation therapy. After three months of treatment, the pain in her joints significantly reduced. Now, she can once again participate in her beloved religious activities.





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